Thursday, September 30, 2010

Party Invitation

By Mister Curie

National Coming Out Day is quickly approaching (October 11) and Philadelphia has the world's largest "National Coming Out Day" event, known as "Outfest!"  Essentially it is a huge gay block party in the Philadelphia gayborhood.  It is being held on Sunday, October 10th, from noon-7pm.  You are all now officially invited to attend.  Madame Curie and I are intending to go and we'd love to have some friends join us.  Let us know if you are interested. You can get more details from the website.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Onion

By Mister Curie

So Madame Curie sent me the following link from the Onion.

It's not exactly how I remember asking her to marry me . . .

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My profile . . .

By Mister Curie

When I heard about the makeover going on at, I got an idea to try an experiment.  I wanted to test the boundaries of what could get approved by the church.  Clearly this was a  PR move by the church, so what would happen if someone tried to publish very blunt responses to tricky questions?  My first honest attempts clearly didn't pass PR guidelines, as I gave legitimacy to FLDS claims to be Mormon and critiqued members for failing to obey the Word of Wisdom as given (positive use of mild barley drinks and whole grains and limiting meat consumption), instead of simply meaning no coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco. So I decided to try answering some of the FAQs with a response that a true believer wouldn't blink at, but that would make investigators squirm a little and think twice about, including incorporating some of the doctrines anti-mormons rant about.
As a result, my profile was published and is officially part of the church's new PR campaign.  At the risk of losing the protection provided my anonymity, here is the link to my profile:

So, while I'm giving up anonymity, feel free to add me on facebook.

On a positive note, they are still debating over whether to publish my offensive response to what Mormons believe about homosexuality.

What is the Church’s attitude on homosexuality? Why is homosexuality and same-sex marriage important to the Mormon Church?

When I was young, one of our highest leaders, the prophet, then President Spencer W. Kimball, taught about homosexuality: “This perversion is defined as the sexual desire for those of the same sex or sexual relations between individuals of the same sex, whether men or women. It is the sin of the ages.” And later he uses these adjectives to describe homosexuality: repugnant, deviant, unnatural, abominable, evil, ugly, and curable.

I appreciate the irony that if President Spencer W. Kimball made an honest profile, his wouldn't be approved.

But it does frustrate me that this language was deeply ingrained into me as the mind and will of the Lord and that the church's stance contributed to my inability to accept my homosexuality.