Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quick Update

By Mister Curie

Just a quick update.  I finished 3 weeks of Neurology and took the final exam on Friday.  Monday starts a week of Ophthalmology  and the next week is Orthopedic Surgery.  For  Neurology  I was got the assignment to work at the Children's Hospital. It was great to get some clinical interaction with kids again. There was a nice overlap with genetics and Neurology.  It was also incredibly depressing to see some of the terrible things some children go through.  Neurology is home to some of the most depressing  illnesses imaginable.  It reminded me of  Elder Packer's now famous: "Why  would God do that to anyone?"  I saw kids with genetic diseases that left their nerves undeveloped who will never be able to breath on their own.  I saw other kids who have seizures that have destroyed their brains and they no longer can interact with the world.  I saw others born without most of their brain and some who had strokes that had transformed them from normal kids to vegetables.  I prefer to not believe in  a  God  who controls the minutiae of our lives such that He is responsible for such things happening.  If anything, the  experience was a testimony builder for my atheism.  I'm grateful to no longer have to try and reconcile such atrocities with a loving Heavenly Father.

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  1. I hear you! :o) I had the same sort of experience working in skilled care nursing facilities during my college years. Got offended by the 'god let it happen to teach the survivor a faith-strengthening lesson' type of rationalization because of the implicit devaluation of the people that didn't survive... :o( Then I realized how one-sidedly self-serving religious thinking tend to be. Now I just accept that Scheisse happens and there really isn't any reason/purpose to life's many tragedies. It's liberating. :o)