Monday, April 12, 2010

Mormon Stories Podcast

By Mister Curie

I recently listed to a fascinating series of Mormon Stories podcasts.  John Dehlin, who creates the podcasts, is interviewing people with fascinating Mormon stories.  Most recently I listed to a series of podcasts with Peter Danzig about homosexuality.

In a nutshell, Peter Danzig and his wife performed with the Orchestra at Temple  Square and Peter was training to become a social worker.  Peter noticed inconsistencies between the LDS social services approach to homosexuality and what professional organizations were saying should be the approach.  He tried to discuss the issue with supervisors and the Brethren of the church to correct the inconsistencies.  In response to the church attempting to affect legislation regarding gays, Peter wrote a letter to the editor of the Salt Lake Tribune in the mid 2000s.  When church leaders became aware of this letter, he was removed from the Orchestra at Temple Square and threatened with church discipline for vocally supporting gays.

It is an absolutely fascinating story.  The four parts can be found here:
Peter and Mary Danzig Pt. 1 – The Early Years
Peter and Mary Danzig Pt. 2 – Gaining Sympathy for Homosexuals, Losing His Testimony, and Writing a Letter to the Editor
Peter and Mary Danzig Pt. 3 – Removed from the Orchestra at Temple Square, Silenced, Threatened with Discipline, Resigning from the LDS Church
Peter and Mary Danzig Pt. 4 – Rebuilding a Life Without the LDS Church


  1. I saw the Danzig's speak and perform at the Ex-Mormon conference last fall. They were amazing!

  2. I listened to that interview recently too. It's a great interview.

  3. I love the Mormon Stories podcasts. Always so interesting and entertaining.