Saturday, April 3, 2010

Seeking a Revelation for the Church

By Mister Curie

One of the common themes I see among faithful MoHo blogs is the hope that someday the LDS church will receive a revelation on the holiness (or at least acceptance) of homosexual marriage.  Often, many explanations as to why the church has not yet received such a revelation are put forth: (1) the church isn't ready yet for such a revelation, (2) the Brethren just haven't asked, (3) etc., etc., etc.  Nearly all faithful MoHos are convinced that homosexuality is part of their eternal nature and that God doesn't not hate them, although there are a few that hold onto the hope that "natural affections" toward women will be restored to them in the resurrection.  Almost inevitably they refer to the revelation granting Blacks the rights of the Priesthood, received under President Spencer W. Kimball.

I listened to a fascinating podcast the other day that delved into how that revelation was actually received.  The podcast is an interview with Edward Kimball, the son of President Spencer W. Kimball.  It is the most straightforward and honest discussion of the receiving of the revelation extending priesthood rights to Blacks that I have ever seen given from a faithful LDS perspective.  I thought that the MoHo community would be interested in hearing the details of how this revelation was received so that they can gauge what must happen in the future before the church will receive a revelation extending fellowship and acceptance to those in a gay marriage.  I think it is safe to say that we will not hear about the reception of such a revelation during General Conference today and tomorrow.

The interview can be found at the Mormon Stories Podcast website:


  1. I'm in no hurry, to be honest. I'm gonna move on with my life...and if the church is on my side, that's a great bonus. :)

  2. Thank you for posting this. I've thought that if there was a large group of faithful mohos that the church needed something from that also might help prompt the brethren to seek inspiration on this topic. Please see my comment on President Monson lovingly ad-libbing and joking about a male-on-male kiss from his prospective father-in-law.

  3. Sorry it's taken me so long to follow your blog. I've been on a bit of a hiatus from blog-reading. Hope you're well Mr. Curie.

    I admire your optimism, but I'm too jaded to believe that any meaningful acceptance of homosexual relationships will happen any earlier than two generations from now, if ever. As for gay marriage solemnized in the temple, no way that's happening. I wish things were different, but even if there were thousands of MoHos appealing to the church for greater acceptance, the leadership of the church just doesn't work that way. How do I know? Because there are already thousands of faithful MoHos that are appealing to the church. And thousands more that have moved on for the sake of sanity and emotional health. It's the church's loss, to be sure, because the church across the world needs the good things that we can bring, and it would be good for us to benefit from the sense of community many of us once felt so strongly and valued so much.

  4. I agree with Dougs, it's aint gonna happen. Because if gay marriage is allowed, it's gonna change our basic doctrines alot. And it's a lot of work to do.

    However, I still hope that we are gonna receive new revelation.


  5. @LDS Brother- wise choice.

    @Ned - sounds like it was a funny moment

    @Dougs and jonedrahadian - I think the church will eventually move toward acceptance of gays, but not until nearly all other churches accept gays and every state will have to accept gay marriage

    @Pablo - If you are familiar with the history of extending the priesthood to blacks, you might not think that my post was quite so optimistic. . . glad to see you back on my blog. :)

  6. I listened to that interview this weekend as well. I thought it was great. Like you said, the most straight forward and honest discussion of that revelation.

  7. They do accept gays as long as you don't act on your feelings. And you'll be waiting forever because they will never change their stance on this matter, you don't back down from what is right.

  8. I may have misunderstood you to be more optimistic than you are Mr. Curie. When I saw the word "seeking" in the title to this post, I took that as hope there would be a revelation regarding homosexuality and gay marriage that would in some way be affirming of those human relationships.

    I have studied quite a lot about the history of the church regarding the priesthood and anyone of African descent. It's a scourge on the church in my mind. (As an aside, I remember very clearly setting in my grandparents' house watching Ted Koppell interrupt regular TV programming to announce word had just come from the church about the "revelation on priesthood." I was very aware of social and political things as a kid.)

    So it may be that we're both pessimistic about the church's policies and actions toward gay marriage and anyone who identifies as LGBT.

  9. To "receive" a revelation...15 old, rich, white guys gave to agree. Chances are it just isn't going to happen. The changes in "doctrine" with regards to polygamy and Blacks were politically and financially motivated. I just don't see how that bit of info isn't obvious to most people. Some of the Apostles wanted the church to move forward, men like, McKay, Kimball, Hunter maybe a few others. When it comes to gender and sex-the church will not give way. They backed themselves into a corner with the Proclamation. They are now in bed with the Evangelicals with regards to getting someone LDS in the White House...

    The Church could at least treat their own, the LGBT members with respect and dignity. That is what bothers me most of all. They should have policies and procedures that all Bishops and Stake Presidents follow across the board...they should not be treated as addicts, disabled or less than.

    Yes, I am ranting. You can tell how Christian a church is, by how they treat those who are need of their love and protection.

    What was the tone and message of General Conference? Satan is out out. Disgusting. *$#(#$)#$*)