Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beach Vacation

By Mister Curie

We are down at the beach, having a great family vacation.  The beach just happens to be LGBT-friendly, so there are lots of cute same-sex couples walking around, and tons of eye candy.

I've been having fun playing around with a makeover for the beach.  I started wearing a variety of tank tops, bought a beach necklace, and got a tribal henna tattoo on my arm.  I don't look very Mormon anymore.

Madame Curie suspiciously asked if I was trying to look like Brad Rowe.  He is the co-star in the gay beach movie, Shelter.  He significantly added to the eye-candy of the movie and is one of my celebrity crushes.  I think he had an arm tattoo in the movie, but I don't recall him wearing a beach necklace or tank tops regularly in the movie.  So the answer is no, but I can't say I'd be disappointed if I looked a little more like him.

1 comment:

  1. Brad Rowe is nice.
    What beach do you guys get to?