Sunday, January 23, 2011

My profile, again

By Mister Curie

So I haven't been able to figure out how to link to my facebook account, so I disabled that functionality with my profile and have been waiting to see if anything would happen.

I finally got a response on my homosexuality question that "the statement is to (sic) harsh for the audience it would go to. thus it is not cleared."  I am pleased that President Kimball's statements on homosexuality are no longer deemed appropriate, but I am a little disturbed by the qualifier of "for the audience it would go to."  Is this an attempt to placate me so that I don't think they are questioning my answer, or is this an attempt to give good PR to church, giving me a wink that they agree with me but we don't want to come across as harsh to investigators?  If the later, isn't this just the continuation of dishonesty and double-speak that has plagued the church since its beginning?

So I have edited my answer on the question of homosexuality down to: "The Mormon church is firm in the conviction that homosexual behavior is offensive to God and actively works to support legislation against same-sex marriage."

I guess we'll see if that gets accepted.  My answer on the Holy Ghost is still "Pending Review."


  1. Or, in other words, bait-and-switch. I guess "milk before meat" is the COB-accepted way of expressing that sentiment.

  2. so, when they say they want "real" Mormons to share their "real" life stories, they actually mean "unless it makes the church look bad, then you can just bugger off."

  3. Looking forward to what the church says about your perfectly worded post. If they reject it, I would venture to say that they are keeping track of who the author, not just the content, of the post.