Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunstone DC

By Mister Curie

Sunstone recently announced that there will be a regional conference in Washington DC on May 20-21st.  There is also a call for presentations due March 4.  Madame Curie and I are hoping we will be able to attend.  Anyone else thinking of attending?  We'd love to meet up with people.


  1. hmmm. A Sunstone conference right next door? I think I must go! I wonder if I should try to present something.

  2. I bet you could come up with all sorts of interesting things to present. Your mix of faithful Mormon and proudly gay are just about perfect for a fascinating presentation that would draw a decent Sunstone crowd.

  3. Hello Dear Curies,

    I am a graduate student of family studies at Iowa State University. I am doing my dissertation research on commitment in mixed-orientation relationships (gay or bisexual man partnered with a woman). Earlier research has reported that there are approximately two million mixed-orientation marriages in the U.S. and that 15% of these marriages continue past 3 years.

    Participants qualify IF:

    • The male identifies as anything but heterosexual, including homosexual, gay, bisexual, queer, pansexual, and so on.
    • The non-heterosexuality of the male has been acknowledged between the couple for at least two years.
    • The couple is in a committed intimate relationship, legally recognized or not.
    • Both partners are willing to be interviewed.

    The female partner may be of any sexual orientation. The couple need not be in a sexually monogamous relationship, but they should identify each other as their primary partner.

    I plan to interview each partner individually at least once, and the couple together at least once, by phone or Skype. Interviews will last approximately 60 minutes. Participant identity will be kept confidential.

    Those interested in participating in the study can contact me by email at or by phone at 515-441-9397.

    I've seen your blog before and hope you'll be willing to participate, and to pass the announcement along to anyone who may be interested. My wife and I also married as Mormons, although I'm atheist now as well.

    Thank you for your time!

    Kevin Zimmerman
    Graduate Student
    Department of Human Development & Family Studies
    Iowa State University