Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The More I Learn . . .

By Mister Curie

The more I learn about other religions, the less unique Mormonism seems and the less unique my own struggles seem and the more they seem indicative of the human condition.

I watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix "Instant Watching" this past weekend, "Trembling before G-d" and "Jihad of Love".

"Trembling before G-d" is about the struggles of homosexuals in Judaism and "Jihad of Love" is about the struggles of homosexuals in Islam.  I think the cultural circumstances were different enough from my Mormon upbringing that I was able to see the common struggles we all face.  It also makes me realize how lucky I am to have been raised in America.  If I thought accepting I am gay was difficult in American Mormonism, I don't know how Muslims can accept their homosexuality. 

The documentaries also made me realize how difficult it is going to be for my parents to learn of my disaffection and homosexuality.  It is easy for me to think of my journey as MY journey, but due to the interconnectedness of our lives, it will affect my parents' life as well. 


  1. That interconnectedness of our lives within families is a real killer when it comes to changing course.

  2. I watched "Trembling before G-d" a couple of years ago, and it is really amazing. I also have a great kinship for Jews, so it was even more interesting for me. Glad you watched it!

  3. It may come in many forms, but religion is religion is religion. There's really no way to go around it. So, there is definitely a sense of comfort that comes from seeing the shared struggle humans face.

  4. Being gay in Islam is worse. You could be stoned to death if you break their law of chastity.