Friday, July 23, 2010

Inviting Another Married Couple to Live in Our Home

By Mister Curie

Yes, you read the title right, we have invited another married couple to live in our home.  It will be an experiment in communal living.  But it isn't as sordid as you are thinking.  No, they don't have a mixed-orientation marriage and they aren't interested in a kinky affair.  Madame Curie and I vowed to have an open home policy when we got married, that we would always try to provide a place for the wandering traveler or displaced vagabond when they had the need of a warm meal and a roof over their heads.  Somehow that vow has lead us to almost always having someone staying in our home.  We have regularly hosted people visiting the area for school interviews, job interviews, vacation, etc. (which is an open invitation to any readers out there who travel to the Philadelphia sometime in the future and need a place to stay).  More recently we have had a series of displaced young women from the Single's ward staying with us for months to years at a time.  Our most recent guest had finally found an apartment and was moving out, only to have us receive a call the next day that a high school girl visiting Philadelphia for a summer program needed a place to stay.  And a couple of days later some of our good friends had a house fire and needed a place to stay for a couple of months.  So we got rid of one and gained four more.  We're grateful  for the opportunity to help others.


  1. You left out the fact that the wife and I are lesbian lovers.

  2. I may take you up on said offer!