Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Movie: Were the World Mine

By Mister Curie

High School Musical meets Dead Poets Society meets Rocky Horror Picture show. Ranked #8 on and #9 among MoHos, this is a very enjoyable show and belies one of my Obvious Gay Traits (OGTs), a love for musicals.

A story about an openly gay high school senior at an all boys' school who is in love with the apparently straight school jock. He is cast as Puck in the Senior play, William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. While practicing for the play, he discovers the secret formula for a love potion and sets out to make the school jock fall in love with him. Things soon get out of hand as he turns the whole town homosexual. The movie takes on the plot of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the conclusion of the high school play and the movie occurring simultaneously. It is a clever gay twist on a timeless story. The music was catchy and the singing amazing. Costuming was directly out of the counter-culture, but endearing nonetheless. Two thumbs up, five stars, etc., etc. Available on Netflix Watch it Now.

Have you seen it? What did you think?


  1. Okay, lesbians are NOT known for their love of musicals, but I'm a lifelong fan. I ran across this movie a couple of months ago on Logo and thoroughly enjoyed it. The production is original, the singing is fantastic, and the funny parts hilarious. Well chosen, Mr. Curie

    Now if we could only get BYU's theater department to stage it...

    P.S. - I miss Madame Curie.

  2. This is one of my top 25 films of all time. And it is one of two gay films that are. I love it! I remember when my first real boyfriend showed me the trailer and we listened to the music together. Instantly I was hooked. I was sad it took me so long to see it. Eventually I got the chance and despite the cruddy theater, I loved every minute of it and related to both Jonathan and Timothy.

  3. This is the best low budget movie of all time. They basically made this with some duct tape and someone's old video camera. It's amazing to me that they could pull something off that ended up as cute as this one did. I'm impressed!

  4. EV, thank you for your missing :-) Its been a very difficult, sometimes depressing, and often emotional two weeks for me (as you can imagine with everything that Mr. C has been blogging). People who read our blog are seeing things real-time, so you are experiencing them at the same rate I am. Its been a roller coaster, and as such I haven't had much in the way of good posts in mind.

    I do have two posts that will probably be coming up next week that I am working on, so be on the look-out!!

  5. EV - that would be hilarious to have BYU theater stage it!

    Everyone - I'm glad you approve of this week's choice. I think this show is just GREAT! Now if only High school actually turned out like this . . . :)

  6. @Mme. Curie - Oh, yes, I can imagine you are on quite the roller coaster. My sympathies and well wishes and all that. I look forward to your posts, as always.

    @Mr. Curie - Not that I don't love you, too. :D

  7. MoHoHawaii:

    Well, if you're going to discount "The Blair Witch Project"...

    By the way, Sunday afternoon, the prophet of the CofChrist announced to the church a proposed revelation that, among a number of other things, eliminates a world-wide policy toward marital practices. Henceforth, sacramental acceptance of monogamous relationships among GLBT couples would be up to national or mission conferences to decide under the guidance of the Field Apostle. (This is basically how we decided to handle the issue of polygamy in India when we began baptizing people there in the 1970's.)


  8. I haven't seen "The Blair Witch Project", but "Were the World Mine" certainly doesn't look like it was made with an old video camera and some duct tape.

  9. I love Were the World Mine, as do my 11-year-old step-daughters, much to their mother's chagrin if she knew, I'm sure. Especially considering her disdain for their love of Connie and Carla.

    One of the things I find interesting about this movie is to look at the story development and transitions from the original short film--"Fairies"--it came from. Aside from turning it into a musical, they've decreased the schoolyard bullying and expanded it to the community at large. I really liked that. I don't know if you can find the short anywhere online for free, but I do know it's available through iTunes.

  10. I watched it at your suggestion and loved it.