Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out Update

by Mister Curie

***Out Update: My brother (not TBM) who is aware of this blog contacted me last night on Facebook. It was great to come out to him as me and not as Mister Curie. He says that his wife knew I was gay too. WTF?!?! What is it with these gaydars? We had a nice discussion and it was a really positive experience. It definately increases the liklihood that I will come out to more people. I really appreciated him letting me know that he had read the posts - it made it so much less awkward knowing that he already knew from the blog.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled programing . . .***


  1. Well, I knew too! But then again, I am married to you.

    I am incredibly proud of you, both for coming out on the blog and also to Brother Curie last night. That took incredible courage.

  2. Congratulations, coming out always takes guts!

  3. Thanks everyone. It was good.

  4. I think siblings are pretty good at detecting these things (like homosexuality). They have less invested in our identities than do our parents, so it probably doesn't bother/threaten them as much to acknowledge the possibilities. When I came out to my family about a year and a half ago, my parents reacted well for TBMs. My siblings, who range from TBM to completely inactive, all went "It's about time!" It was kind of funny, as well as affirming.

  5. Grizz Curie10 January, 2010

    Dude, she just says she can tell. Something to do with manly things or something like that. I was like no he isn't, until your post anyway. Do you remember how you wore those purple shorts all the time when we were growing up?