Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Theme

By Mister Curie

So I feel that to be truly integrated into the MoHo community I need to respond to Abelard's monthly MoHo theme. As I have less than an hour to do that before the month is over, I better get started . . .

January Theme: What are your personal goals for 2010? What do you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year?

1. Family - spend quality time with family: (1) weekly date nights with Madam Curie, (2) be "present" when I am watching Le Petite Curie, rather than distracted by something else (most recently the MoHo blogs . . .)

2. School - PhD thesis (I'm still trying to decide if I really want to finish up this year or if one more year of research will really help me solidify things)

3. Health - lose weight, I'd really like to get down to my pre-marriage weight (145 lbs).

4. Homosexuality - accept myself and come out to my family (joining the MoHo queerosphere is one important step to accomplishing these goals)

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