Sunday, January 10, 2010


by madame curie

i am the feeling that comes, standing on the ocean-side
with the steel-gray, impenetrable and cold horizon
reaching as far as you see.

and then you promise me, you will keep me safe.
but we are tethered in the same small boat,
you and i,
anchored to each other.

you tell me there is nothing to fear,
and that is the most frightening of all!
this swirling tide of unsettledness -
but without a name to vanquish.


  1. Unsettledness....that is word that describes my life. Life in a MOM can be unsettled but I am learning to trust that everything will be OK. Here if you ever need to chat!

  2. I love the poem! You haven't written poetry in a long time. Thanks for sharing. It really gives a window into your soul.

  3. And then the night comes, the stars come out, and you realize the two of you are part of something grand and beautiful beyond comprehension.