Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Theme

By Mister Curie

I seem to be in the habit of tackling the MoHo theme on the last day of the month.

I already blogged about my first crushes here, writing:
"I had several crushes growing up. In preschool I had a crush on two different girls that my mom babysat. I also had, what I think I would describe now, as a crush on my best male friend in 1st grade. I idolized everything he did. He also liked Care Bears. I was devastated when his family moved away. I think my feelings for this friend were stronger than my feelings for the girls I had crushes on. Most of my childhood I was more comfortable around girls. I enjoyed hanging out with the girls all through elementary school much more than with the boys. I had a crush on a girl in 2nd grade. At the store I found a fancy tropical drink cup with spots for two straws at the top. I got my mom to buy the cup and then when the girl came over to play one day, we watched a movie and drank soda from the cup together."
My first male crush after puberty I blogged about here, writing:
"While at Boys State I developed a nearly instant affinity for one of the guys in my barrack, I now recognize it as a crush, but didn't call it that back then. I think I recognized that he was very cute. We hung out a lot during the week and I often found myself staring at him and daydreaming about him. When the week was over, I was quite sad to have to part."
I also blogged about crushes I had on my mission companions, here and here.

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  1. I remember Boys State. There was definitely a guy or two that attracted my eye. It was the first time in my life I had been surrounded by all guys. I have only one sister and the boys in my neighborhood were either a bit younger or a bit older. I just didn't have much guy time and found making friends with girls was so easy. So, Boys State was an eye opener. There was one guy who I wished I looked like and had his confidence strutting around in his boxers through the dorms.