Sunday, February 7, 2010

Possible Change in Blog Boundaries

We're considering splitting this blog into two: Third-wave Mormon, which would return to be primarily Mme. Curie's domain and involve interfaith-related and feminist-related discourse; and a second blog, primarily run by Mr. Curie, exploring being homosexual and Mormon (although Mme. Curie would also post there her sexuality-related posts).

There are various pros and cons to this approach, but at the moment we are seeking our readers' input. Please respond to the poll on the right and/or leave a comment with your thoughts.


Mme. and Mr. Curie


  1. I think it may be a good idea. You two are unique individuals. I think a blog can feel a bit conflicted if it doesn't always have the same author. Especially if you two want to write about different things (though they may be related). That's pretty much what my husband and I did. I left existentially lds where he still blogs to make my own where I could write about my personal views of philosophy and life and everything. It also helps develop a readership that knows what to expect when they come on the blog, although you never want to pigeonhole yourself.

  2. since you asked and ONLY because you asked, i prefer madame curie's topics and postings.

  3. I vote for two blogs with some cross-linking between them from time to time, and the occasional guest post. You both have so many good things to say. The focus and flow of the posts will be better with separate blogs, IMO. Now Mister Curie has to think of a cool name for his blog. :)

    Now that you see yourself as post-mormon, are you going to change the name of your blog Madam Curie? I'm not necessarily suggesting it. I'm just curious.

  4. Thanks for your comments.

    Pablo, if we split the blog, I will be retaining "Third-wave Mormon". Even though I consider myself post-Mormon, I still consider myself sufficiently affected and entrenched in Mormon thought to consider myself partly Mormon (I am not sure if that makes any sense). Plus, I feel like the "Third-wave Mormon" phrase still captures much of how I see myself - a feminist and not strictly Mormon by anyone else's standards.

  5. I like reading about both of you here on one blog. I think it gives it an unusual touch that not every blog has, and allows us to peek at your family dynamics in a way that wouldn't be as apparent on separate blogs. I hope you don't split up!! :)