Monday, February 1, 2010

Out Update II

By Mister Curie

It has been a big weekend.

Last Friday we met with a couple from our ward who has been aware of our disaffection and aware of our blog (although they rarely check it). When I started writing about my homosexuality I fully anticipated they would know about it through our blog. We finally sat down with them in real life and discussed being homosexual. I think the evening went well. It's nice to have supportive friends.

We also had another friend, a former member of our ward, find out about our blog and discover both our dissaffection and homosexuality. He responded remarkably well.

Finally, last Friday I received an email from one of the directors of my school program saying she wanted to set up a routine meeting to discuss my progress in the program. I have known she is lesbian for some time and did a quick LGBTQ search on the university webpage to confirm that she is listed as a "safe" person to discuss LGBT issues with. I sent her an email today outing myself and setting up an interview for this coming Friday.

Big weekend.


  1. I've got to admit that one of the most freeing things I did coming out was speak to one of those "safe" persons on my college campus. It was really hard to talk to someone who had nothing to do with my personal life, but it was as big a relief as any and made the whole coming out experience more real somehow.

  2. I'd love to know how things went for you with talking to a "safe" person. I know this person fairly well professionally (and she is also acquainted with my wife and son), but she will be the first person who won't really be acquainted with my Mormon background. She has a long-time partner and two kids.